Do I have to pass my theory Test before I start taking driving lessons?


No, but it's a good idea to start your studies for the Theory Test and apply them whilst learning to drive, once passed you have 2 years to pass your practical test.

Why not try our theory test out and see how good you really are!!


What do I need before I can learn to drive?


You will need a provisional Driving Licence. You can get the form to apply for this at
your local post office.


How many lessons will I need?


This varies from person to person. 

Generally pupils aged 17-24 will need 35-45 hours of professional Driving tuition before being of test standard. 

The number of hours you require can be affected by previous experience
e.g. Motorbikes, cycling and your age.

We will work together to progress at a suitable pace for you.


What will happen on my first Driving lesson?


  1. You will be picked up at your chosen destination this may be at home/work/college.

  2. I will ask to see your Provisional Driving Licence

  3. You will be asked to read a number plate at 67 feet (20.5 meters) with glasses if worn.

  4. We will talk through all the controls in the car.

  5. We will start with simple movements of a car (the car you will learn in, will have dual controls)

  6. At the end of the lesson your progress will be discussed and future lessons booked.


What will it cost?


Please see our prices page for current lesson prices and offers. 

Why not encourage friends and family to buy you gift vouchers for all occasions for Driving lessons to help fund your course.